A Norfolk Gastronomic Experience

(A Series of VIP Tours from Anglian Chauffeur Service)

“The Art of the Norfolk Table”

Anglian Chauffeur Service is a Member of Proudly Norfolk

Discover the interaction of all the processes that are activated with the Food and Beverage Industry of Norfolk and realisation that from the professional chef to the home cook, the kitchen can contain a complexity that exceeds the functional fact of feeding and drinking.

Practical gastronomy is associated with the practice and study of the preparation, production, and service of the various foods and beverages and involves discovering, tasting, experiencing and understanding about food preparation.

Theoretical gastronomy supports practical gastronomy. It is related with a system and process approach, focused on recipes, techniques and cookery books.

Norfolk offers mouth watering delights for all dietary choices in savoury dishes and sweet treats to hot and cold thirst quenching beverages.

From the design and manufacture of farm machinery to being served a Michelin Star dining experience, discover all that Norfolk has to offer.