The Range Rover Autobiography Hybrid LWB

Anglian Chauffeur Service is a leading business within the Private Hire industry in Norfolk. The happiness and welfare of our clients is of paramount importance and the choice of vehicle reflects this commitment.

There are few options to travel by road in absolute comfort. Land Rover’s Range Rover Long Wheel Base Hybrid is one of the few. Anglian Chauffeur Service chose this iconic “King of the Road” to provide clients with the ultimate travel experience.

Ambient noise affects people’s health by increasing general stress levels and aggravating stress-related conditions. As a passenger you are exposed to a continual layer of ambient noise from a vehicle, and this could be having an effect on your blood pressure, digestion, and more. 

Quiet cars tend to be large luxury diesels or hybrids and it from this pool of vehicles a Chauffeur will drive their vehicle of choice. 

The Rear Cabin

The rear cabin is further insulated by the laminated side windows offering superior sound deadening. The long wheel base is beautifully appointed, creating more than 7” (18.6cm) of additional rear legroom than the standard model. The rear seats can also be reclined up to 17 degrees. Sit back and enjoy this level of refined elegance in the opulent spaciousness and watch a movie on the 10 inch screens and listen to the awesome 1300 watt Meridien surround sound. There is even an accessible fridge.

Special Consideration to Tyre Choice

A change of 3 Decibels (dB) is accepted as the smallest difference in level that is easily heard by most listeners listening to speech or music. It is a slight increase or decrease in volume.

Anglian Chauffeur Service recognizes this and has purposely chosen Pirelli Tires which are 3 dB quieter than other leading tyre brands.

Normal conversation is about 70 dB.

The PIRELLI NOISE CANCELLING SYSTEM™ (PNCS) is a technology able to reduce the noise inside the vehicle thanks to a sound absorbing device applied to the inside circumferential wall of the tyre, reducing noise significantly. The Pirelli Scorpion Zero tyre has been rated at 69 dB.

Maintaining The Vehicle

Anglian Chauffeur Service operates a Range Rover LWB Autobiography Hybrid as a Private Hire. Our vehicle is regularly serviced and MOT’d by Inchcape Land Rover in King’s Lynn. 

In addition it also tested at Henries of Sheringham an approved garage to meet the standards of the Private Hire Policy set by North Norfolk District Council through whom the vehicle is licenced.