Company Motto 2016 to 2019: 

It’s Not About The Car, It’s All About You. 

Company Motto 2020: 

If You Feel You Deserve Better, It’s Because You Do.

Company Vision: 

To change the perception of the Private Hire Industry. Give people more than they expect of a private hire service thereby raising the expectations and standards of private hire service. 

Company Mission Statement: 

Constantly seek, identify and implement opportunities to meet the present and future needs of the discerning client’s travel arrangements. 

Company Goal: 

The goal of Anglian Chauffeur Service is to provide customer service that is not just the best but legendary thus become the Best in Norfolk.

Anglian Chauffeur Service works closely with other like-minded business people maintaining exemplary working relationships. These people, my Team, are able to bring personable qualities and talents, to lead by example, inspire trust, show the greatest of respect but critically must be able to encourage positive teamwork for the purpose of maintaining fruitful business. Together as a team we inspire and motivate each other in achieving great results. Great customer service requires a team approach within an organization; a team member must be dedicated to and have a passion about service excellence, be customer focused and is results driven. 

Anglian Chauffeur Service and the team are aware that greatness is within all of us and endeavor to elicit that greatness from within everyone they encounter, recognising opportunities to lead and develop leadership qualities in other team members. Team members never need permission to do great work and are expected to continually seek opportunities to attain team goals and provide the catalyst of inspiration, always using their best judgment and effort to do what needs to be done in order to exceed the expectations of the client.

The two greatest assets of Anglian Chauffeur Service are The Team and Loyal Clients.