(Valid from July 4th 2020 until further notice)

All tariffs are based on direct travel from Fakenham

Excess milage £1 per mile

Minimum charge £30

Destination (Local)

Norwich Airport 

Norfolk & Norwich Hospital 

Norwich Bus Station 

Norwich Train Station 

Kings Lynn Train Station 

Kings Lynn Hospital 

Destinations (National)

Central London (inc. Con Chrg)

National Airports

Stansted Airport 

Luton Airport 

London City Airport 

East Midlands Airport 

Birmingham Airport

Heathrow Airport 

Gatwick Airport 

National Cruise Terminals

Harwich Cruise Terminal 

Tilbury Cruise Terminal

Dover Cruise Terminal

Southampton Cruise Terminal

Day Rates 8 hour day

Day rate (Norfolk only)

Day rate (Great Britain)

Day rate (Continental Europe)

Other Services

Waiting Time 

Cycle Rack

Extra Luggage Capacity

ACS Tariff







ACS Tariff


ACS Tariff








 ACS Tariff





ACS Tariff




ACS Tariff

£15 per hour



Anglian Chauffeur Service (ACS) provides an exceptional value for money service. Each year ACS compares the service provision to those of national chauffeur companies offering a like for like service.

Terms and Conditions

Making a Booking

To make a booking please call Matthew on 07500 787477 or email info@anglianchauffeurservice.co.uk. Matthew may be driving when you request a booking so please leave a message and he will return your call or respond to your email when it is safe to do so.

Confirmation of Booking

Your booking is only confirmed after paying a 50% deposit or the full payment. If paying by cheque the booking is confirmed after clearing.


Payments may be made by cheque made payable to Anglian Chauffeur Service, by electronic bank transfer or by credit or debit card via a PayPal Invoice. For electronic transfer, we will notify the client(s) of our bank details separately.

If paying by cheque the final balance or full payment is due eight (8) working days prior to the journey to allow for clearing before commencement of your journey.

Should the balance not be paid on the due date, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation and no refund will be made. Should a booking be made less than eight (8) days prior to departure the full amount is due immediately by either BACS or Debit/Credit Card (details to be given to clients separately).

Final balances can be made in cash at the commencement of your journey. Full payment in cash on the day of your journey are no longer accepted.

Cancelling a Booking

If a journey is cancelled with up to eight (8) days’ notice a full refund is given.

Between seven (7) to four (4) days’ notice a 50% refund is made.

Less than four (4) days’ notice no refund is given.

What constitutes a Day?

The day (a period of 24 hours) ends at the time of pick up to commence your journey with Anglian Chauffeur Service regardless of the actual time of day.

The Tariff

Anglian Chauffeur Service has published its 2020 tariff to all the major train stations, airports and seaports. If you’re delayed by more than three hours or your flight’s cancelled, you are often entitled to compensation. In this scenario Anglian Chauffeur Service reserves the right to charge either waiting time at £20 per hour plus additional car parking costs incurred or the full cost of the rescheduled journey, payable within 48 hours of your drop off.


Receipts are available on request by email. Please ensure Anglian Chauffeur Service has your correct email address.